A person who's doing intercessory praying needs to have the Glory available ... the anointing for prayer and the Glory go together.  They are separate things, but they're so intimate with each other that they're impossible to separate. 

While the Jewish priests were sacrificing hundreds of lambs for the sins of the people ... that very day outside of the city gates, the ONE PERFECT SACRIFICE for ALL time was being offered up TO God.  Jesus, the High Priest and Mediator of the New Covenant had entered into the Holy of Holies and had poured out His Blood upon the Cross, His ALTAR.

Darkness covered the Earth.  The Earth shook violently and the Great Veil of the Temple separated.  The Holy of Holies was split in two and fell into a heap.  Through that one Sacrifice ... Jesus' broken body ... He removed the veil which separated God and man. 

This gives us direct access into the Holy of Holies whereby we can enter into the very Presence of God, which they could not do.  We can, at any time that we want, go boldly into the Throne Room of God through Grace and talk to Him freely.  We don't do this in the flesh ... we do it in the spiritual realm. 

Through that one sacrifice, all the sins of all mankind were forever erased!  There's absolutely nothing that remains to be done to secure this Everlasting Covenant which God has made with us.  No future sacrifice is needed ... the work has been done!  It's completed!  Hallelujah!

  Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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