We Christians need to grow up!  Our human nature doesn't like change, so when something happens that's out of the ordinary, people get upset about it.  They'll say, "We didn't do it that way ... this isn't normal."  The Living Water, the fire of the Holy Spirit, are all relative to the moving of the Spirit.  This is what we recognize from the spirit realm that carnal people can't see or understand.

We want to be more aware of God's Presence in us.  God, the Father, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus are in us now.  They said so.  But we don't recognize it many times.  Why don't we see it manifested?

Why do we have to put up with the devil's junk? .... because we really don't have to.  We are God's property.  We're not the same person we used to be.  Even though we live in the same flesh, we are not the same person that we were.  People see how we are now ... and they see how we were then.  They see the difference, but they don't understand it.

An example of this is Lazerus, the brother of Mary and Martha.  He had died ... then Jesus brought him back to life.  He came out of his grave clothes.

We were in our "grave clothes" also, headed to be "coal shovelers".  Not any more!  Jesus raised us "from the dead" and placed upon us the robes of salvation and righteousness.  So come out of your grave clothes!  It's time to change!

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler 



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