Jesus confronted and defeated the devil through the Word of God.  Jesus never once doubted that the Word would come to pass ... He knew that it would.

God's Words are not dead, empty, and useless ... they are full of Life, powerful, and will bring the desired results when they are spoken out of our mouths.

Jesus was commissioned, sent forth, and anointed by God the Father to destroy the works of Satan.  He confronted the devil and took authority over him by speaking God's Word.

We are to do the same thing as Jesus did, wth Him as our Example.  Speaking God's Word is the powerful strategy given to us to enter Satan's territory, face him head on, and destroy his strongholds.

The sheer force of God's words coming out of our mouths ... the same as what happened when Jesus spoke them ... will cause Satan's works to be defeated in our lives.  

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler



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