Before we were born again, we were sinners.  We have been saved by Grace.  We cannot be both sinners and saved at the same time ... we are one or the other.  If and when we've been saved, born again, we are no longer sinners. 

Yes, our bodies, our flesh, does still sin ... mess up... occasionally, but those are things that we do "in the flesh".  Being a "sinner" is the lifestyle we had before. 

To explain the difference of sinning and being a sinner: the first ... sinning is an act that we do.  The second is what we were ... sinners ... not what we did.  Jesus, when we became born again, took us out of that lifestyle.

A sinner is a person who hasn't yet met Jesus as his or her Savior.  "Sinner" is a spiritual condition.  Only Jesus is able to change this condition.  We are no longer "sinners" when we ask Jesus to come and be our Savior and He changes us on the inside making our spirit man brand new.  It's as simple as that.  

Our spirit man has been changed    Before, pleasing ourself was uppermost in our mind.  But now, pleasing God is uppermost.  

  Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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