How does God see me?  This is what we need to think about.  Does He see me as "an old sinner saved by Grace" with a soulish realm that hasn't been renewed yet?

The Holy Spirit told me that I need to share this thought with you.

In an Indian (Native American) conference that we'd attended in the past, one of the speakers, a pastor, told everyone there that it's not hard to get the Indians to confess Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  What is hard, though, is making disciples out of them.

Now what is the difference between "being saved" and being "a disciple"?  Jesus said that a disciple is one who obeys His commandments. 

Someone needs to teach them how to be a disciple.  This is where the shortcoming is and it's dealing with them in their soulish realm.

This is important because we are there also.  We need to keep schooling ourselves with the Word so that we can renew our own spirit realm and be His disciples ... not only in our spirits, but also in our soulish realm.  Other people are going to see a difference in us when our soulish realm changes.

We won't be doing the same things we used to do and we won't be talking the same way that we used to talk because the Holy Spirit will keep reminding us of our wrong words and our wrong actions and growing us up.  He does it with me and He'll do it with you.   

  Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler




John 3:16

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