Chapter 8 of Romans says that when you go with the flesh side, you are carnal and in enmity (an enemy) of God.

When you listen to your spiritual man, God is pleased.  Why is He pleased?  Because you have the same attributes (characteristics) as He has.  And you're pure.

We deal with the sin issue in our soulish realm.  When we're obedient to anything not in line with what the Word of God says we should be doing, the Holy Spirit says, "You blew it that time, buddy ... now what are you going to do about it?"

This is our spirit talking to us.  "You blew it!  What are you going to do  about it?"  "I'm going to repent."  "When?"  "Oh, tomorrow is good enough.  The frogs can stay for another night."  NO!  Those frogs have to go!  The longer they stay, the harder it is to get rid of them!

When I heard this story taught, I thought that it was so humorous.  The whole of this escapade between the Lord God, Moses, and pharaoh is written in Exodus, chapters 7 - 11.  The episode about the frogs is found in chapter 8, verses 1 - 14

OK, Pharaoh, you live with those frogs!  I want them GONE NOW!

Well, how do we get rid of them?  Do entertain them?  "I'll take care of them tomorrow or the next day.  Right now, I'm busy doing this other thing."

We use our boldness and our authority in the Word and command them to be gone in Jesus' Name!   That's how we get rid of them. 

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler



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