We need to learn to look at ourselves the way God sees us.  When we do this, we'll see ourselves with all the attributes we have in our spirit man.

We can walk around with our chest out ... "Oh, I've got the Glory of God ... I have the anointing."  We can do this because we have all of it in our spirit man.

Our mind might say, "Hey, wait a minute ... what will "they" think of me?  Who cares?  This is where our hang-up is.  We let our soulish man run things under the worldly influence.

When God the Holy Spirit says to you, "That person over there needs prayer ... go and pray for him."  Your response is, "Oh, I couldn't do that ... I don't even know him."  So what!  He's a human being who needs help, and God told you to go and pray for him.  God knows that person's need and you were the one He chose to bring him to God for his healing.

So, now who's going to pray for that person?  Somebody else?  We say, "Oh, I can't do that."

I've been there, and I still get that way sometimes.  God will say to me, "Go and share some Word with that person."  "Oh no, I don't know him.  I'm busy doing this other thing right now."  YOU JUST BLEW IT!!  And that is NOT GOOD!  I've been chastened by God before, and this is not the place to be.  It's not a "fun place" to be.

Have you ever brought anyone into the Kingdom of God?  Now, that is FUN!  God and the angels up in Heaven are rejoicing ... they're having a PARTY!  "Oh, another one has been snatched out of the devil's kingdom!"  And you can do it!    

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler




John 3:16

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