Forgiveness is a decision that we make to obey God.

Walking in forgiveness is a lifestyle in a higher realm.

We do not allow someone else's actions or attitudes dictate our actions or attitudes.

We release this person to God, and do not require him to be accountable to us to make it right.  This is very difficult for us to do ... it's all in the soulish realm, our feelings ... but we must give it all to God to take care of.  He will always do it right, whereas if we try to take care of it ourselves, it will probably turn out worse than before.  I speak from experience.  

We must be willing to move in the opposite spirit, making sure that we are willing for God to use us as an unrestricted channel of His Love to that person. If we still have unforgiveness, letting our feelings rule us, God cannot ... will not ... use us!

Finally, forgiveness is not a feeling ... it's a decision as I've said above.  We make the decision to forgive and the feelings will follow.

We give up our right to  get revenge.  "REVENGE" is the Lord's business ... for He says that He will repay.  Our business is to always walk in Love toward the person who upset us or caused unforgiveness to come about in our lives.

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler



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