We are just like God in our spirit man. but we have to change the way we think to His way.  We have trouble ,seeing our spirit man the way God sees him because our soulish realm gets in the way.

Your spirit heart can never be separated from your spirit, NEVER.  The revelation of the Word of God that you have is in your spirit heart.  This is where your spirit man's memory is.

Your mind is in your soulish realm, and this is where your memory is stored.  But the revelation knowledge that you have is in your spirit man.

Don't get caught up in some of the things we used to say, "Well, I sure do hope that God shows up." When you walk into a room, He's there, because He comes in when you come in.  Announce yourself, "People ... God has arrived!  I know He's here because we are here, and He came in when we came in."

I know that this sounds silly, but it's the truth.  If you want Him to manifest, begin doing what He tells you to do.  He honors His Word.  


Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler



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