The Holy Spirit, Who's living within us, is intimate with our spirit man.  Are His attributes, His characteristics, in us also?  Yes, He brings with Him His characteristics because they are part of Him.

Following are a few points for us to consider.

Is the Holy Spirit anointed?  Absolutely ... and we are anointed too.  Does the Holy Spirit have faith?  Yes, and we have faith too.  We have God's faith.  Does the Holy Spirit have the Divine Nature of God?  He is God, so yes, He does have the Divine Nature of God, and so do we.  Does the Glory of God rest in the Holy Spirit?  Yes, it does, and it's also in us.

When you go to a church-type meeting where there would be a lot of people, don't say, "I sure hope the Holy Spirit shows up."  When you walk into this place, He's there because He's in you.

And don't say, "I sure hope that we see the Glory of God."  You have the Glory of God in you.  Don't' try to see the Glory of God with your physical eyes, because, most likely, you won't.

By faith you can see His Glory.  One day, you'll see it with your physical eyes.  We've had the privilege of seeing this manifestation of the Spirit ... others have seen it too.  Although the Spirit may manifest Himself in other ways, the manifestation that we've seen looks like a cloud or a flowing river.

In a worship service we attended, I experienced one such manifestation of the Spirit.  The congregation was singing a worship song.  I had been out of the sanctuary and was attempting to re-enter through a door closing off the sanctuary from the rest of the building.  Usually this door was easy to open, but was almost impossible at this time ... a force was pushing on it from the inside where the congregation was.  When I got it open, I had to push myself to cross the room to my seat.  It was like pushing through a river flowing against me, and it was cloudlike in appearance.


Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler



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