1 Thessalonians 5:19


KJV                                                            Quench not the Spirit

NKJV                                                  Do not quench the Spirit

The Message Bible                           Don't suppress the Spirit

Amplified Bible                                 Do not quench (suppress or subdue) the Holy Spirit

New Living Translation                    Do not stifle the Holy Spirit



The word "quench" means "to put out (like a fire) with cold water".  To "quench the Holy Spirit" is to dump cold water on whatever and however He decides to work through a believer being led by Him.


"Quench" means "to hinder" or "put a stop to" the Holy Spirit's operation and manifestation.  This is accomplished in various ways:


1> Because of not knowing how the Holy Spirit works, or by not being able to recognize that He is working through a believer.

2> By refusing to submit to the Holy Spirit.  This is rebellion.


We can also quench or stifle the Spirit working in our own lives:


1> By becoming spiritually cool and losing our zeal.

2> When a believer is prompted in his spirit to  speak out in a prophetic word, or give a message in tongues or the interpretation of a message given in tongues, and he holds back in speaking it out.


All of these things that we do or not do quench the Holy Spirit in the ways that He wants to work in and through us.  He wants to use us, and for whatever reason He isn't able to or allowed to use us, He is quenched, and this in turn, grieves Him. 


Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler


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