Practice God's Medicine.  Proclaim what God says in His Word to be a fact REGARDLESS of your present condition. 

Your body is listening to you and it will obey you if you believe and do not doubt in your heart.  Your words have MORE EFFECT on your body than anyone else's words

When you call things that are, the way they are, you are establishing the present condition or circumstance in your heart, mind, and in your body. 

Your own words, giving instruction to your body ... your immune system will eventually respond to your instructions. 

Your body always responds to your words in some manner, either for better or worse.  So choose your words carefully.  

Remember: when you are sick, call yourself well.  You are calling for what you don't have. 

When you put this into practice and make it a way of life ... making demands based on the aurhority of God's Holy Word ... your body will respond to your faith.

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  



John 3:16

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