Romans 4:17  AMP.  tells us that God, in Whom we believe, speaks of non-existent things as if they already exist. 

We are made in His Image and are to do and say the same things that He says and does, so we should be speaking things not yet in the physical realm so they will come, be manifested, into the physical realm. 

Call things that are not as though they were UNTIL THEY ARE!   

Do not call the things that are as though they are not.  Don't deny what exists. 

The power in calling for healing and health is by mixing our faith with God's Word. 

Do not talk about the sickness in your body as this will establish your present circumstance to you. 

Denying sickness won't make you well ... but by mixing your faith with God's Word, you are calling for God's promise to manifest in your body.  This will cause you to be fully persuaded, and your healing is the result.

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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