We must believe and confess (say) what we already know of God's Truth (the Word) until we have the revelation (the knowing, the intimacy) of that Word.  Anytime that we talk about the Word, we're talking about Jesus ... intimacy in the Word, and  intimacy with Jesus. 

If we can accept and believe every Truth written down ... and possess it ... then it's ours, and then it will be manifest to us.  We become very excited when we have a bill coming due, and we don't have the money to pay it. 

We quote this scripture in Philippians 4:19 "God supplies all of my needs by His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus."  Then we say, "I don't know how to believe and confess." 

We'd better get the revelation of this Word ... know what this verse says so that we can know and possess!  Then that bill is paid and we don't have to be concerned about it.  Let Him take care of it ... He says that He supplies our needs.     

Mary C. Butler  


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