Mark 7:7-9,13 The Passion ... These people honor Me with their words while their hearts run far away from Me!  Their worship is nothing more than a charade!  For they continue to insist that their man-made traditions are equal to the instructions of God.  You abandon God's commandments just to keep men's rituals, such as ceremonially washing utensils, cups and other things.  Do you really think that God will honor your traditions passed down to others, making up rules that nullify God's Word?  

Matthew 15:8,9  The Passion ... These people honor Me only with their words, for their hearts are so very distant from Me.  They pretend to worship Me but their worship is nothing more than the empty traditions of men. 

We reach a stumbling block, part of which is that we aren't progressing and attaining what we need to attain.  We all have traditions that we've accepted at an earlier age.  We've never checked them out in the Word of God.  We need to get rid of these. 

At the same time there are doctrines of theologians which are not according to God's Word and they're wrong.  Plus there are doctrines of devils in the church that we shouldn't be messing with. 

If we're going to grow, we need to get rid of all those things.  

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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