Several years ago, I, Bob, was given the following prophetic word from the Lord.  Listed below this Word are Scripture references from the Amplified Bible  confirming what was spoken. 

Father God says:

"I AM and the Holy Spirit are grieved at the 'Convenient Christians' in the Body of Christ.  They pray only when it's convenient ... for them.  They witness only when it's convenient ... for them.  They only pray for the healing of the sick when it's convenient ... for them. They only praise and worship when it's convenient ... for them.   

They refuse to sacrifice their lusts for worldly things because that wouldn't be convenient ... for them.  They refuse to do what I told them to do because that takes time and isn't  convenient for them. 

But there is coming a time in the very near future when the 'Convenient Christian' won't be convenient."

Are you a Christian at your convenience, telling God when He speaks to you to say or do something:  "Later, God ... I'll do that at a more convenient time for me.  I must finish my thing first" or are you at God's beck and call when He calls you to do something for Him?  Well, you know what they say about LATER ... it NEVER COMES.   

But the end will come ... will you still be saying, "Later, God."?  Hopefully, you'll be doing and saying the things that God wants you to say and do.   

Scripture References   AMP. VERSION  

Exodus 3:14;  Ephesians 4:30; 1 Thessalonians 5:17;  Matthew 15:8,9a;  Romans 8:13;  James 1:14,15;  Mark 7:6b-8;  Revelation 3:15,16


 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  



John 3:16

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