People who followed Jesus probably followed Him for different reasons.  In one place He told them that they followed Him because of the food He provided for them. 

Jesus explained more clearly to His twelve disciples the things they didn't understand, telling them, "It's for you to know because I have chosen you." 

People today who've tried Christianity and became dissatisfied with it say, "I tried Christianity and it didn't work for me so I'm going to try a different religion." 

Tell you what ... you don't "try" Christianity, you "be" it.  Christianity is a lifestyle.  You don't even know what it's all about.  If you go into it with your mind set to "try it and if it doesn't work ... QUIT".   

First of all,you have to be born again ... ask Jesus to be your Savior; otherwise, you are not a Christian ...you just think you are.   

Many people view Christianity as a "religion", not as a "way of life".  They get in and try it for awhile to see how it works.  I'd say: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME, because if you're thinking this way, it won't work for you and you won't be open to receive what God wants to give to you. 

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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