Following are the thoughts and words of Dr. Bill Basansky, born in the Ukraine of Russia and immigrated to America as a young man.  He tells us what  our beautiful, wonderful flag means to him in the spiritual sense.  I want to share his thoughts with you.  It took someone who grew up in a country of bondage to recognize the freedoms that we, as Anericans, have and enjoy.  Let us not lose our freedoms to those who would clearly love to take them away and put us in bondage to them. 

The eagle on top of the flag pole is always placed so it's looking to the right.  Matthew25:34 says that God set the sheep (His people) on the right hand side, and the goats (the godless people) on the left. 

The right is the side of strength.  Isaiah 40:29-31 describes that the strength of the eagle is given to the righteous.  This Scripture says that God gives power to the faint ... and He increases strength to them who have no might.  And those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength ... they'll mount up with wings as eagles, they'll run and not be weary, and they'll walk and not faint. 

The stars surrounded by the blue background represent the constellations which God placed in the night sky.  Our first original American flag has the stars in a circle signifying unity and the perfect order of the universe made by God. 

There are seven red and six white stripes.  According to the Scriptures, the number seven is God's number of completeness.  Everything He made concerning the Earth and all that dwell here ... plants, animals, and man ... was completed in six days.  Man was created on the sixth day ... then God rested on the seventh day. 

Our flag of thirteen stripes ... seven red and six white ... unites God and man.   

The thirteen stripes represent the twelve Apostles (man) and Jesus, our Savior and Lord (God).  The thirteen original American colonies were founded on Biblical principiles. 

The seven red stripes are the color of the Blood of Jesus that was shed for mankind's total redemption.  The six white stripes represent man's sinful nature now washed in the Blood and made pure in the sight of God.  

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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