A lot of times God likes for us to just come and love on Him instead of asking Him for something all the time ... for us to just come and worship Him for Who He is, thanking Him that all three of Them (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) live in us, and that They are welcome to stay in us ... living in us, directing us, and guiding us. 

So we must praise Him and worship Him for Who He is ... we don't need to go to Him all the time with a "grocery list" of prayers that we want Him to answer. 

In Heaven, we'll all walk in awe and reverence of the Lord.  Everyone will obey all that He says and surrender to Him, witholding nothing.  Heaven is a home of deepest love, purest joy, the sweetest place.  In light of our future heavenly blessings and worship of the Lord, God is calling us right now to a life of worshipping Him in Spirit and in Truth ... a life that will take us into eternity where our worship will finally be perfected.    

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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