Intimacy is the key and faith is the catalyst. 

A husband and his wife know each other more than any other single being on the Earth.  They live together,  and they learn to know each other ... that's intimacy. 

A lot of times you will know your spouse's response before questions are even asked ... and sometimes you don't even have to make it verbal.  You just understand the other person's body language regarding something, and you two are the only ones who can recognize this.  This is a glimpse of what intimacy is all about. 

We need to be so intimate with Jesus that we don't have to ask.  We just know Him so much that we'll know His response. 

When we get so intimate with Him,  we'll start walking like He did.  We'll start talking like Jesus, and doing what He did. 

This is where God wants us.  Then all the Truths that we are learning are going to be manifested in the natural realm.

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  



John 3:16

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