Right confession brings healing to your body.  Your confession (your speaking of God's Word) calls the healing that's already yours into existence, but has not yet manifested in your body. 

Giving your voice to God's Word is a method of calling for the things that God has given to us by His Promises, but aren't yet made evident in your body.  

NOTE: If you are taking medicine, do not throw it away and rely on your confession alone, unless the Lord directs you to do so.  And don't let anyone put you under condemnation for going to a doctor or having an operation. 

Don't let your confession become a "hit and miss" proposition.  Make it a practice to "take God's Medicine", His Word, on a regular basis just as you would take any medicine prescribed by your doctor.  This is Life to you and Health to your flesh. 

The power in your calling for your healing and health is by mixing your faith with God's Word.  There's nothing more important to your faith than declaring what God has said about you with your own voice.

Proclaim what the Word says to be a fact regardless of your present condition.  Your body is listening to you and it will obey you if you believe and don't doubt in your heart. 

The words spoken from your own mouth have more effect on your body than anyone else's words.  Your words, spoken out in your own voice, are giving instruction to your body and your immune system will respond to your instructions. 

When you put these things into practice and make it a way of life, then your body will respond to your faith demands which are to be based on the authority to God's Holy Word.

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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