The life of our flesh is in our blood.  The life of our spirit is not in our blood.  The Glory of God provides the life of our spirit and our soul.  We have two kinds of Glory in us because of Jesus ... Adam had just one kind of Glory. 

We have the Glory that Adam had at the Beginning.  Jesus brought that back for us ... He reinstated it for us.  And on top of that Glory, He gave us the Glory that He had when He was originally with the Father.  We call it the "Shekinah Glory". 

In His prayer in John 17, verse 22, He said, "Father, the Glory You've given to Me I have given to them."  The Father restored the Glory that Jesus had in the Beginning, and this is the Life of our spirit man.  The Old Covenant people did not have this; they didn't have either man's glory or God's Glory residing within them.  

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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