THE  CHRISTMAS  STAR   written  by  Mary  C.  Butler 

Have you ever wondered or thought about the Star that shone so brightly to bring the Magi (the Wise Men) to Bethlehem those many years ago?  What exactly was it?  Some believe that a couple planets or heavenly bodies became aligned with each other to be so bright ... or some such thing. 

And that brings a question to my mind which tells me that this cannot be "the Star".  How can something like this do what that Star did?  So, no, this is not our Christmas Star ... it can't be.  Planets and regular stars are set in orbits in which they stay.  If they were to get out of their orbits, they would go wild, like a shooting star. 

The Christmas Star stayed on its course for the Wise Men to follow ... it stopped when they stopped, disappeared and reappeared, never moving ahead, always keeping itself in view of the travelers.  It had intelligence for the direction it was headed ... it stopped when it got there. 

For me, this is proof enough that it wasn't what many people think ... as I stated above.  So I'll tell you what I believe about it. 

The angelic host that announced to the shepherds guarding their sheep that "Unto you (and all people everywhere) is born this night in Bethlehem, a Savior Who is Christ the Lord.  You'll find Him lying in a manger." 

Then the angels all went back into Heaven, leaving the shepherds to find the Christ Child.  These angels were "on assignment", and this announcement to the shepherds was only a part of it.  Upon joining the entire angelic host of Heaven, they headed to where the Magi in the East had been studying and watching for a heavenly sign about the King being born. 

The angels took on the Glory of God that shines more brightly than anything and shone this Glory to Earth.  The Wise Men (Magi) saw this Glory and brightness in the sky and they left to follow the "Star". 

When they stopped on their journey to rest, the Star stopped, and when they continued, the Star led them.  Their journey took them two years, so Jesus wasn't a Baby anymore, thus they didn't go to the "stable". 

When the Wise Men stopped to inquire of King Herod of the birth of this Child, the Star disappeared, and then reappeared to lead them to where Jesus, Mary, His mother, and Joseph were now living.  They came in and bowed down to worship Him and give the gifts they'd brought to Him. 

The Star had led the Wise Men to where Jesus was, so its mission was accomplished.  They had no need of it any longer. So it disappeared back into the heavenlies. 

I believe that this is what the Christmas Star was. 

Have a very Blessed Christmas! 

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  



John 3:16

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