John 10:3-5  The Passion Translation ... The sheep recognize the voice of the of the true Shephard for He calls His own by name and leads them out for they belong to Him.  When He has brought out all His sheep, He walks ahead of them and they will follow Him, for they are familiar with His voice.  But they will run away from strangers and never follow them because they know it's the voice of a stranger. 

The sheep, that's us, you and me, if we have made Him our Savior and Lord.  But sometimes when He speaks to us, we turn a deaf ear to Him.  We become disobedient and don't do what He says. 

We have a free will, and if we choose to not do what His voice is saying to us, it will cut us off from a Blessing.  We have to be obedient and do what He says to do.  We have to read His Word, which is His Covenant to us, and build our spirit up.  We must know and obey His voice.

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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