When you were born again, God didn't just dump everything on you all at once, like He did with Adam. 

"Here it is, Adam.  Now go and live a victorious life!" 

No, it doesn't happen that way with us.  We wouldn't know what to do if it would've happened this way.  Adam and Eve apparently didn't know what to do either because they blew it ... royally! 

It's a progressive thing with us.  The more that we progress, the more opportunities there are to progress further.  This is the life of the believer today. 

Here's a nugget for you which the Lord gave to me.  He told me, "You believe and confess until you know and possess".   

KNOW is "intimacy".  The minute that you know a thing, it's intimate with you ... it is yours!  You are in possession of it!

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler 


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