Satan, the devil, has a counterfeit for everything that God does. 

We hear his words being spoken by the people of the world ... those who're not born again.  They don't even realize that they're doing this ... it just comes naturally to them.  They are planting evil words and watching them grow in their lives. 

People watch us and judge us  as to how good of Christians we are by the things we say.  We are either justified or condemned by the words we speak, both as Christians and non-Christians.  This principle of the words we say holds true both ways ... for everyone. 

We have the authority in the words we speak.  God's interested in what we say.  When we speak His words, He comes and moves through them.  We've all said something and then watched God move through our spoken words and make manifest what we've said. 

Our words: "good seeds" and "weed seeds" ... we've watched them all come to fulfillment.  We must judge our words before we speak them out BECAUSE AFTER BEING SPOKEN, IT'S TOO LATE! 

We must think about what we're going to say and make our judgement before we speak them.  By our judgement and the thinking of what we're going to say beforehand, we will keep ourselves out of a lot of trouble.   

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler 



John 3:16

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