The song, AMAZING GRACE, was written by John Newton, in the year 1791.  He was a slave trader ... he bought and sold people. 

There was a mutiny on the ship that he was on because of a plague or a disease.  He was taken with every other sick person and thrown off the ship onto a desert island somewhere in the Carribean.  He was thrown off with an elderly woman with a Bible in her hands. 

Before she passed away, she led John Newton to Jesus.  Miraculously, John didn't die.  He was rescued and went back to his native land. 

He took a "street song", a 'honky-tonk' song, threw away the dirty lyrics, kept the good melody line, and put Jesus lyrics to it.  Out of something ugly, he made something beautiful, and this song is AMAZING GRACE

But more beautiful is that his life was changed from ugly to beautiful.  That song is his testimony.

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  



John 3:16

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