We don't know how old the Apostle Paul was when he had the Damascus Road experience.  He'd been trained from a very young age ... because during the Passover Seder, the youngest child in the household gets to ask the questions: "Why do we do it differently now?" 

So he had been trained in verying degrees until his whole time was consumed with the study of the Torah.  All his life he had been following the Talmid and the Jewish tradition.  The Jews have a prayer they say when they get up, one when they sit down ... a prayer  for all that they do.  He was trained to do this naturally. 

Now after his sudden meeting with Christ on the Damascus Road, he realized that what he's doing isn't wrong, but it's not right either.  Now he's doing it for the right reasons. 

You might pray the same prayer, saying the same thing over and over again, but it's for the wrong reason.  If we can find a "formula" that appears to work, we want to worship the formula.  We end up trusting in the formula instead of God.  

"Okay, we sang these songs today and the Spirit was real heavy ... so we'll sing them again next Sunday."  Doing this probably won't work.  God is trying to train us to follow Him. 

When we are first learning, He'll be pretty gentle and patient with us, like a father with a young child.  But when we get to be fourteen years old, He's not quite as gentle ... He expects us to grow up.

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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