Daniel 12:4b tells us that "in the end times knowledge will increase".  Knowledge is increasing in the world ... worldly, natural knowledge ... and it's also increasing in the Body of Christ.  God isn't going to let those in the world increase in knowledge without letting His Body also increase in knowledge.  So we are both increasing in knowledge ... only our knowledge is the revelation Truths of God and His Word ... not just about the creation that He made. 

He knows each and everyone of  us and everything about us.  He knows all about the atomic structure of all the elements that He created down to the smallest, most minute  part. 

God gave His wisdom to mankind ... the intellectual abilities to the scientists who've studied atomic materials and developed things to be able to look into this atomic matter.  People say that God gave them that knowledge.  NO ...!

He gave them the ability to go and get that knowledge on their own.  If He gave just certain persons some things and didn't give to all , then He's a respecter of persons.  But He isn't a respecter of persons ... everyone got the same measure of faith. 

It's up to them how they use this faith, or if they use it at all.  After they gain their knowledge, they're to bring it into the Kingdom of God.

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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