We, the Church, have the power, the authority, and the responsibility to keep the devil in his rightful position ... under our feet!  

We have to speak our words out loud.  We cannot just think them or even whisper them.  Our words are powerful.

If you're not going to speak it out, don't bother to say anything.  Learn the "ministry of silence"... keep your mouth shut.  You have to speak with authority ... you can't be timid about it.  If you're timid, the devil won't pay any attention to you. 

We must demand the devil to leave us ... this isn't praying.  The praying we do is to get direction from God ... to know what to do and to know what to say.   

Some people haven't been taught ... no one has ever told them that they need to take authority over the things that the devil brings their way. 

I'll ask you this question: "Why do you have to accept what the devil tries to give you when the Bible says that you live in divine health? Jesus, by taking those stripes, that beating, has healed you." 

Your response may be: "Well, I don't want to lie." Then I'll respond back: "This is not lying ... you'll be calling your body the way God calls it (it's written out in Romans 4:17... and God does not lie."  

Sure, the symptoms we're experiencing in our body are real ... they are there ... but we don't have to "receive" them.  We don't have to acknowledge them, we don't have to "entertain" them. 

But, we do receive, acknowledge, and entertain them, because ... our feelings are powerful.  But, most importantly, we have to, we need to, receive, acknowledge, and believe God's Word which is more powerful than our feelings.   

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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