Our flesh has certain things that it likes and wants to do  which may or may not be good or bad.   Eating is good, but if it's carried to an extreme,  it becomes bad (gluttonous). 

Then concerning our money... when we "blow" our money for our own selfish reasons, that's not good.  But when we use it on things that God tells us to become involved with, that's good.  I'm not saying that we can't spend it on our needs such as food and clothing, etc. ... that goes without saying.   

It boils down to our attitude.   No matter what, our actions don't just happen.   We think on them, we speak on them, we meditate on them,  and then we do them.  The more we do this,  the better we get at it.   

In the course of this then, God is at work within us to bring us out of this attitude.

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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