What you give worth to, you will worship.

It's not about us ... it's about Him.

It's not about now ... it's about then.

It's not about here ... it's about there.

Worship is not singing about God ... it's singing to Him.  When we sing about Him we're just giving witness to people ABOUT Him.

We should change the words in songs that talk about God to talking TO Him ... change the words "He" and "Him" to the word "You".  This brings Him from the third person to second person and makes Him the Object of our worship ... He is the Object of our worship, isn't He?

When we use "He" and "Him", we're witnessing to others around us about Him, making those people the object instead of God being the Object of our worship.  You don't converse with a person and call him a "he".  No ... you say "you" when you're talking to him ... unless you are talking about someone else.

Our Heavenly Father is a personal God to each one of us separately.  We worship Him, one to One, face to face, and we don't speak or sing about Him when we speak or sing to Him. 

There are too many so-called "worship songs" out there that are brought into our worship services that aren't worship songs at all.  So watch the words of the worship songs that you're singing and make sure that what you're doing is giving worship to Him.  Don't follow the crowd ... be separate. 

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler




John 3:16

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