Someone that we know had a vision of a lot of people immersed in a huge lake ... some up to their necks, some to their waists, some to the knees, and others just wading, ankle-deep. 

This vision was interpreted as to the maturity of the people walking with God.  The person who'd had this vision had the desire to be out in the water up to the neck ... immersed.  When you're immersed to the neck, you're in pretty deep ... very few are there yet. 

We say that we want to be intimate with God ... but are we willing to give up everything for this intimacy?  Or do we want to keep back a little part in reserve so we can still make some of our own choices?  NO ... He wants ALL!   Don't be surprised, though, if He gives you back what you want after you give your all to Him first

God requires 10% (the tithe) of you ... your time, your talent ... not just your money ... everything!  And the other 90% is for you to do what you need to do in the natural. 

But at the same time, He wants ALL of YOU.  This sounds like double talk, but the "all of you" is the revealing of the spiritual realm.  God is saying, "I want every part of you." 

  Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  



John 3:16

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