You can usually tell where a person is at .... although not 100% .... because people do things "out of rote", meaning that they've always said it that way, out of habit.  They don't think about what they're saying.

Listen to a person talk, listen to what they're saying.  They may say: "Body, soul, and spirit", or "Spirit, soul, and body".  Which way is more important or correct?  And YOU ... which one are you?  Are you going to list "you" below the rest of them?  Are you subservient to them: your body and your soul?  You aren't supposed to be at the bottom of this list.  But you probably said it backwards too, so don't go beating up on people because they say it that way.

Many Christians don't really understand about the English word "heart".  We use it so loosely.  It's thrown around, this one word used for all hearts.  The word "heart" is NOT "spirit".  They are not the same: heart & spirit.  Our spirit has a heart, but the heart is not the spirit.

God had to deal with the people in the Old Testament in their soulish realm because their spirit wasn't alive to Him to communicate with.  Jesus had to do the same thing until people were born again.

Jesus said, "When you look at a woman and lust after her in your "heart", you committed adultery already."  Which heart was He talking about?  Because your body has a heart, your soul has a different heart, and your spirit man has its own heart.  He was referring to the heart of your soul (the seat of your mind, your will, and your emotions).  It is not pure ... it commits sin.

The heart of your spirit man is pure ... undefiled.  God made your spirit man, including its heart, pure.  He does not give defiled, impure gifts to us. 

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler


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