How many prophesies are being fulfilled in front of our eyes that we don't recognize?  There are more prophecies being fulfilled in this generation than in all previous generations put together. 

Can you imagine the emotions welling up inside of Jesus as He sat and ate the flesh of the sacrificial lamb at the Last Supper? ... signifying His own sacrificial death, and as He drank the fruit of the vine representing His own Blood?  Can we  put ourselves in the disciples' position sitting there at the table with Jesus. 

Taking a look at Judas Iscariot and his actions ... all the other disciples looking at each other ... wondering, saying: "Is it I?  Is it you?  Who is it that will betray the Lord?"  They didn't know.  But Jesus let them know that someone there with them was a traitor ... one of them that the devil had gotten ahold of.  Did Judas Iscariot know ahead of time that he was going to be the one who the devil was going to use?  My answer to this question is:  "No, he didn't know."

Luke 22:3, a Scripture concerning the Last Supper says that the devil came upon Judas at that moment.  Up until this time, Judas was not completely under Satan's control ... he was just a petty thief stealing out of the group's moneybag. 

But this action of his prepared him to receive the devil's work in his life.  It allowed the devil to move in and cause this rift with the 12 disciples.  Jesus already knew all of this, but the others didn't know. 

Judas desired a position of leadership and authority ... just like we see today in the Church.  We see it other places too, but we're dealing here with believers.  People want "position" which is associated with the spirit of greed ... we must be rid of this if we're to obtain the intimacy with Jesus that we want and need.

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  



John 3:16

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