I was in the military in the armored division.  Within this division there was a small group of soldiers whose only mission was reconnaissance ... sent ahead to seek out the enemy and find out his strength and location.  This group finds out all they can about the enemy so that when the armored division is sent out, they know where they are going, who they're going to fight ... the whole thing. 

WE need to be this way about the devil.  We need to know enough about our enemy, Satan, so that when he comes agaist us, we will be prepared.  We have to know the adversary ... we have to know our enemy. 

Don't be like one lady who said, "I'm not going to talk about the devil.  I'm not giong to provoke him.  I don't want him bothering me."  I told her, "Well, you just opened the door for him.  You don't ignore him and hope  that he will go away.  It will not happen this way."

Any army that's successful and victorious know who their enemy is.  They know his strong points, his weak points, and they know how to defeat him. 

We know these things about our adversary, the devil:

1> He's a thief, a worm. 

2> He hates us because the Word of God is in us ....          because when he looks at us, he sees Jesus

3> He's under our feet!  So trample on him!  Make him        as dust on the ground! 

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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