Sin is a lifestyle ... and the sinner is the one who's living that lifestyle.  We, as the born-again ones, do not live this lifestyle of sin anymore ... even though we do mess up once in a while. 

While we were sinners, before we became born again, we lived a lifestyle of sin apart from God, separated from Him and doing our own worldly things ... things that made us happy and feel good ... being lustful and greedy. 

Then when Jesus came into our lives ... at our invitation ... we invited Him in to be our Savior ... our lifestyle changed little by little until we laid aside all those things that we used to enjoy doing.  We quit liking those things and began to enjoy the things of God. 

We were sinners living the lifestyle of sin, but now we are not sinners anymore.  We are THE SAVED by His Grace.  I like that ... WE ARE THE SAVED

Scripture References:  1 John 3:9  &  1 John 5:18


 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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