We are today what we've continuously been saying with our mouths in the past days, months, and years.  We want to change this, but first we must change our thoughts and then we'll change what we say with our mouths.  These desired changes may not come immediately.  They most probably will be a gradual change.  

We must see ourselves as God sees us.  He tells us in His Word how He sees us.  We must speak out loud so we can hear our own voice ... we are confessing His Word, the Scriptures, everyday, until we have the visual image of ourselves changed to match the Truth of His Word. 

As we boldly make these confessions, we will begin to see ourselves well instead of sick ... victorious instead of defeated ... joyous instead of depressed ... made free instead of bound!   Hallelujah!

This is not mind over matter or positive thinking.  This is us speaking out God's great eternal promises and laws.  When we believe His Word in our heart and confess it out of our mouths, He stands behind us to make it good in our lives, as stated in Mark 11:23

Some people receive instant miracles ... most people do not.  But don't be discouraged if your desired change comes slowly.  

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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