We have to remember that when we get born again, the "old man" that we used to be, died.  Jesus was put on that cross, crucified, died, and was buried ... and He rose again.  Jesus, when He went to the cross ... His altar ... He did it for us, not for Himself. 

The blood of bulls and goats could do nothing about the conscious, our inner person.  But the Blood of Jesus will cleanse us ... cleanse our consciousness ... from dead works.

The transformation from the old to the new is so astounding and so misunderstood.  There's just no comparison for us because we learn by comparing.  We have no frame of reference sufficient to compare the difference between the two. 

It's like comparing a grain of sand to a mountain ... a gnat to an elephant.  There's no way to compare them, and that's how much bigger Jesus is to anything that came before that. 

Jesus is God. God Almighty is bigger than most people can even conceive.  When we look at the universe, we are so very small. 

I think of the children's book written by Dr. Suess called HORTON HEARS A WHO.  I liken Horton, the huge elephant, to a God Who's so very, very big.  The "Who" are very, very tiny people living on a microscopic piece of dust floating in the air.  This is the comparison of us to God.


 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  



John 3:16

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