For the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be complete ... full, whole ... it must include two main parts: the Earth side and the Heaven side. 

We are spirit, first of all, with a mind (part of our soul), living in a body (our earth suit).  This allows us to function in both the spiritual and the physical realms. 

We live here in the tangible physical realm now ... and now and in the future we live in the spiritual realm.  God needs and wants us to be the major player in both of these realms.  This means that we need to have a life in Christ that benefits us here and now as well as one that will benefit us later in Heaven. 

Our new life in Christ requires us to have a new birth resulting in a new identity.  If you have received the new birth by asking Jesus to be your Savior and Lord, you are spiritually alive in Him right now. 

Your spiritual life began when you personally trusted Him to be your Savior and will continue on when you die physically.  Salvation is not a future addition ... it's a present transformation that occurs at your spiritual birth, not your physical death. 

Being a Christian isn't just a matter of getting eternal life.  A Christian isn't simply a person who's forgiven and going to Heaven.  A Christian, in terms of his or her identity, is a saint, a spiritually born child of God, a divine masterpiece, a child of Light, a citizen of Heaven.

Being born again transformed you into someone who did not exist before.  The point is not what you receive as a Christian, but who you are ... who you have become.  It isn't what you do as a Christian that determines who you are ... it's who you are that determines what you do.    

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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