Religion is the Old Testament with the Law ... nobody could be saved under that system. 

Jesus said that the Law didn't save anybody ... look at what those people were doing.  We are living in the New Covenant ... do you see the difference? 

Sadly, many pastors today are still sticking to the Old Covenant (Testament).  They don't take their people over into the New Covenant (Testament) and tell what it says.  They tell just half the story...they must go into the New Covenant and tell what salvation truths are here for us.  

A lot of things in the Old Covenant are prophetic to the New and bring us over to where we are today.  The Old Covenant stories have truths in them which need to be carried over to the New Covenant. 

Take the truths you find and put them into your own life, walking them out.  This is revelation knowledge: the walking out of the experience of these truths

You must be able to apply these truths in your life.  The way that you convert mental knowledge is to stay with it until it becomes spiritual knowledge.

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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