We cannot do spiritual sacrifices for anyone else.  We teach them how to do it for themselves and they have to get the revelation knowledge of it. 

You can have the mental knowledge of something and say, "I understand all of this."  And I will ask you, "Do you really understand it?  Can you explain its meaning?" 

Understanding is a major definition of "intimacy" along with the words: know, knowing, and knowledge.  Sometimes we have to get the mental knowledge of it first. 

Memorization is one way that you get the mental knowledge, but that does not give you the spiritual revelation ... God's Truth ... of it.  You have to dig in and dig in and dig in until your spirit man sees it.  So you must go beyond memorization to revelation knowledge.  

Then you'll walk in it and believe it because you've had the experience of it.  NOTE: Sometimes going through experiences won't be pleasant for  you, expecially in some of the deeper revelations.  

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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