John 8:42 ... Jesus said to them, "If God were your Father, you would love Me, for I came from God and now I'm here.  I have not come of My own accord but of His Who sent Me."

John 12:26 ... "Whoever serves Me must follow Me, for where I am, My servant also shall be.  My Father will honor the one who serves Me."

I was sharing with someone about being a bond servant to the Lord.  We were talking about free wills.  We have a free will, and we need to develop our will to be in line with His will.  This is our responsibility. 

The Apostle Paul said that he was a bond servant to Jesus.  He was a bond servant to Jesus by his free choice, not because of the law or by a commandment that said he had to be a bond servant.  He was a bond servant by his own free choice.  Every believer ought to make that choice: ... "I'm a bond servant to Jesus.  Whatever He says, I'll do."

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  



John 3:16

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