We heard someone say this: "You don't have to pay any attention to the devil because God has already taken care of him.  We don't have to mess with spiritual warfare." 

This thinking lets whoever thinks it off the hook of his own participation for the keeping of the devil under control.  This thinking is a total LIE!  The person who thinks that he can just sit back and let God get rid of the devil is totally deceived, and the devil will run over him with the evil he has. 

Why did Jesus say for us to cast out the devil if we didn't have to do anything about it ... if He had done it all?   Jesus did take care of this, initially, when He went to the cross, but it's up to us to keep the devil under control.  He doesn't give up ... he keeps coming at us with his evil works!  Jesus defeated him, but He didn't kill him. 

We are living in God's Drama.  He's the Beginning and the End ... and everything in between. For Him, His Drama is a rerun.  He already knows what's going to happen.  It's kinda like watching a movie over and over several times until you finally know what's coming next. God knows what's coming next. 

He wrote the Drama. He knows the destiny of the Church ... He knows where we are and where we need to be.  He also knows that the bad guys are going to lose!

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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