When you are intimate with God, He's going to make you very uncomforable in status quo.  He's not going to let you sit still.  if we aren't wanting to move on or don't see where we are moving on, we aren't going to be happy.  God's instilling in us to go.  The future is unknown ... and we kinda hesitate to step into  the unknown, so we resist.  This is our human side ... we are more comfortable back where we can know, where we can understand, and we just plain do not like any kind of change in our lives .

Pastors are uncomfortable letting the Holy Spirit have their services ...  it's their control factor.  "I'm the pastor.  I'm in control.  If you don't meet my standards, I don't want you here."  One pastor told me that if he cannot trust people in his church to follow along with what he knows and believes, he doesn't want them there.

Pastors want to be the authority ... not the Bible, not the Holy Spirit, not God.  He doesn't want to reteach his people if somebgody comes in and teaches something different than what he does.  He says, "We have our programs, we have our committees, we do fine.  You just go somewhere else with your Holy Spirit because we don't need you here."  I don't think that this is talking about teachers, etc. who'd come and stand in the pulpit to speak to the congregation.  I think that this would include those people who sit in the congregation.

I would waste no time leaving there.  There are plenty of church fellowships that do believe.   

Everything they do is as filthy rags ... their works are as filthy rags.  These works won't amount to much and are a complete waste of time.  They may be good works as far as the world sees them ... but God sees them as filthy rags.  They are not what He wants them to be doing.

A warning: God is not pleased.  Pastors like this are treading on dangerous ground.

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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