Jesus confronted Satan and defeated him through the power of His Word. 

Jesus spoke ... Satan fled!  Jesus spoke ... the winds and the sea obeyed!  Jesus spoke ... demons trembled and obeyed!  Jesus spoke ... blind eyes were opened!  Jesus spoke ... the lame walked!  Jesus spoke ... deaf ears opened!  Jesus spoke ... tongues were loosed!  Jesus spoke ... the dead were raised back to life!

We NEED to have these things happen when WE SPEAK out the Word of God ... and these things will happen in our lives and  in our ministries when we KNOW God's Word, and speak out His Word ONLY!  This is very important.

Not one time did Jesus PRAY for a sick person or for one who was possessed by a demon.  When the sick and dying were brought to Jesus, He did NOT pray to the Father, "If it be Your will, please heal these who are sick".  If you are praying these "prayer" words for someone, it won't work.

There was no need for Jesus to PLEAD or BEG God to heal or deliver people from Satan's power.  He KNEW IT WAS GOD'S WILL to heal, deliver, and make free everyone who was opressed, afflicted, tormented, and possessed by the devil.

Whenever Jesus saw a person bound by Satan's power, He took AGGRESSIVE ACTION.  He did not just stand by idly with His hands folded ... praying to God to please do something to free or to heal, for Him to do the work. 

He KNEW that His Father had anointed Him with the Holy Spirit.  The Father had given Him authority over the devil ... the "dumanis" miracle-working power ... to deliver the people out of Satan's hands.  And the Father has anointed us when we speak His Word to deliver someone from the devil's clutches.

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler



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