Jesus is untouchable by death ever again because He fulfilled what God sent Him to do by creating the New Covenant for us to live in. To do this, He had to sacrifice His physical life and shed His Blood. He had to do all of this to win us back to God.   

But this is only part of it...by doing this, He created the New Covenant between Himself and God the Father. He said, "oK, people, now YOU can join in this Covenant and have a right relationship with God the Father IF you'll accept Me as your personal Savior."  

This is the born-again experience. So when we become born again,  we can go boldly to the Throne Room of God with our prayers, requests...or simply talk to our ABBA Father. 

Jesus walks in all authority, both spiritually and physically in Heaven and in Earth. What does He do with this authority? He gives it all to us believers. The people joining in the New Covenant then have the same authority as He  does. His authority in and with His Name used correctly keeps the devil under their control.   

Everything that man has and everything that God has, all rolled up into One Being: Jesus, with the Glory of God flowing in His veins, was given to us when we became born-again believers. 

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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