When we see no difference in us, sometimes we look at the Spirit Fruit list and say,"This is the Fruit of the Spirit in our life and this is what it is doing.... like we have no part of it. But it hasn't yet transferred over into our character because we haven't seen that "this is coming in and out through me."  

We have shortened the great scheme of things.... this is why we've only gotten so far. We are at the end of a process that God started back with the Reformation. 

His restoration process is the same thing. We're at the end now of this restoration process and we have to realize that "it's my spirit man that's producing the Fruit." On my own I cannot produce Love, Joy, Peace in myself. I can't produce these out of the natural. 

But I can produce a FALSE love, joy, peace to a small degree IN THE NATURAL well enough so that I can make it look good on the surface. But it is only ON THE SURFACE. It falls short and it fails. 

This progresses from the outside in, not from the inside out. The Holy Spirit's Fruit starts on the inside of us and flows out.

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  



John 3:16

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