The Blood of Jesus brings the believer into fellowship with God at the new birth, but later he may feel that the Presence of God is far from him.  Why?  Perhaps it is because of sin ... pride, bitterness,  jealousy,  unforgiveness. a critical and judgmental attitude.... to name a few.

We all know people who've displayed at least one of these in their lives.   The sin of bitterness hurts the person who's bitter ... his bitterness doesn't affect the person that he is bitter toward at all. 

Don't use gossip as a basis of praying for others.  This is one of the worst tools that the devil uses.

The devil would really like to inject division and disturbances to get us off track, deceiving us if he can ... and he can if we let him.   He uses other people and our feelings to  accomplish this.   Believe it or not,  he even uses some of our fellow believers many times for this. 

We can also be separated from the Presence of God by outward sins, willful sins.   When we know that we're screwing up AT THE TIME WE DO IT....and we do it anyway.   A few of those are lying, stealing,  and adultery.

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  



John 3:16

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