We need to change our thinking patterns to what God would say about a certain situation. "Hey, God, what do You think about this situation?" And then  be receptive to Him. We have to listen closely because He isn't going to yell in our ears... He speaks in a still small voice when He talks to us in  our subconscious.  He will talk to the soulish realm in our mind through our spirit.

Sometimes we'll be involved in a situation and suddenly we will get this "unction"  this urge, from the inside... "You need to go this way" or "Do this, not that." This is the Holy Ghost  trying to get us to go the way He wants us to go which will bless us. When we don't follow His leading because of not hearing Him, or just plain disobedience, we will not be blessed. 

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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